I’m going on a mini vacation this weekend.  We leave Friday, and I have been getting things together all week.

Of course, there’s the obvious – clothes, toiletries, and camera, but I’m most excited about the souvenir that I will be making while I’m gone.  How can I make a souvenir?  Well…


As you know, I’ve dabbled in needle point/ embroidery a bit.  This trip I’m going on will involve a lot of driving time, and there’s even a possibility of some downtime while we are at our destination.  Since I can embroider while having a conversation, I decided I would draw, and then create a new piece of wall decor to commemorate our little trip.  Last week, I sketched up my design.  Last Saturday I drew it on my fabric, stretched it onto my hoop, and chose my threads.  Monday, I picked up a new pair of scissors to replace the ones I lost at my dad’s house.   I have my needles all packed, and everything is ready to go.

Don’t worry, I will post it here as soon as I finish it.  I can’t wait.


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