Smokin’ Up…

Ribs, that is.

Two weeks ago, when we went south to visit family, and pillage my Mother in Laws place, we brought back a heavy, steal smoker.  No, this is not like the ones you find at home depot or other box stores.  This on is home made, and heavy as all get out.  Really.  I don’t hink that even Armageddon could take it out.

Last weekend, we, I mean Husband, decided to try it out.  Husband has never smoked meat in his life, and so he did a quick search of the internets, and got some tips.  He then rubbed, and tossed the ribs onto/into the smoker, and there he let them stay, spraying them with a mix of vinegar and oil every 45 minutes, and checking the heat.

Originally we thought that smoking meat was a turn it on and let it go sort of thing – you know, like making a roast.  Turns out that it isn’t.  There’s a reason those guys stay near their tents at those barbecue competitions, and it isn’t to deter any saboteurs.  After all the work, though, it was tasting time.

Let me preface this by saying that I’ve only eaten ribs one or two other times before, in my life.  They were always stringy, messy, and just too much work for me to deal with.  I never really understood why people liked them so much in the first place.  Guess I just chalked it up to primal nature, and the fun of ripping food apart with your teeth.

But Husband’s ribs were pretty good.  They were still a bit of work, but no strings got stuck in my teeth, and the flavour was pretty awesome.  I’m looking forward to his next attempt.  I’m sure he’ll manage the heat a bit better, and the ribs will be even more tender.

I’ll let you know.


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