What I Learned…

Last night I attended a ladies-only meeting at my local auto-shop that taught us all about cars.  It’s a fun time, filled with wine, cheese, cake, and the feel-good tray of fruit that most people don’t even touch.

The first one I attended talked about the car from front to back in very generalized terms.  This time, they focused mainly on tires.

Did you know that having your tires properly inflated can save not only the life of your tire, but also your fuel mileage?  That can potentially be a lot of mullah in your pocket.  And to find the proper tire inflation pressure, you should look on the side of your door jamb, NOT on the tire.  Crazy, right?

I also learned that doing regular oil and coolant flushes will increase the life of your car, instead of it dying right after the warranty runs out.  So get your oil changed every 5,000 miles, and flush the coolant yearly.  Your wallet will thank you.


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