Oh Well…

While I was pillaging my Mother In-Law’s old place last weekend, I came across two cake pans from Husband’s youth.  One was of a car, something like a 70’s Pinto, and the other was HeMan.  I snatched them up, thinking they’d be perfect for Husband’s upcoming birthday party.  It just seemed like a fun little joke.

I brought the pans home, and lovingly scrubbed the mud off of them.  Unfortunately, it was all for not.  While the Pinto-pan may be fine, the HeMan one, the one I was really excited about, it is decidedly not.  You may not know this, but aluminum doesn’t do so well with acids or bases.  It corrodes, and is literally eaten through.  This is why you should keep your tomatoes away from it.

While I don’t figure tomatoes were left in my HeMan pan, something acidic, or base-like was.  The pan had holes all through it.  I saw the holes in the edges of the pan when I picked it out of the dirt, but I figured it was just the edge, no worries.  When I discovered it was riddled with them, I was so upset, I didn’t even take the time to photograph it.

Of course, I can always check out eBay for another, but it’s not quite the same.  Oh well.


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