Buried Treasures…

Last weekend, we packed up the kiddo, and headed south to spend time with family.  While we were there, we made a stop over at my Mother In-Law’s old place.  She’s trying to get rid of things, and so we dug around to see what we could take.  I came away with a few things, and I thought I’d catalogue them here as I get to them.

Today, I want to share with you a sad pair of homeless puppies that I rescued from her old backyard.

They were in bad need of a bath, and some serious grooming.  So, I put them into the sink, and went to scrubbing.  Then, I sat them out to dry in the sun, before coating them in several layers of high gloss white spray paint.

Afterwards, they looked revived.  I gave them a new life, and a new home on some shelf, some where.  I haven’t figured that out yet, but at least they aren’t out in the cold.


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