Yesterday, after school, the Superintendent stopped by to talk to the faculty and answer questions.  He started the talk with a recount of his day in Austin, testifying before the legislature about education.  He then went on to say, that there will be a loss of 124 jobs, although most of that will be through resignations and simply not hiring people, 3 furlough days, 20% cut in department budgets, and a possible 3% cut in employee pay, across the board – this cut would be a last resort.

No, it’s not looking good.  And even as he is saying all this, I hear teachers grumbling about pay cuts.  Apparently, 20 teachers cost the district a cool 1 million buckaroos.  We have a 9-10 million dollar shortfall.  Cutting everybody’s pay by just a smidge, saves jobs, and helps the kids.  It means more teachers, less students per teacher in the classrooms, and a better work environment. Why don’t these teachers think about somebody other than themselves?  One guy even got up and said “It’s our choice to work in this district, and we want to know that we’re being taken of.  Can you guarantee that you won’t cut our pay?”    It sounded to me like the district was doing its best to take care of its teachers.

It will be interesting to see what happens tonight.  Oh, what’s tonight?  Well, my school district has the benefit of a land-trust, willed over, that is only to be used for Career and Technology education.  This year, it’s approximately $159,000.  Tonight, all the teachers involved in Career Tech are sitting down, and hashing out the budget, divying up who gets what.  That man who stood up at last nights meeting?  He will be there.  I get to watch it all go down, although I don’t have any investment, so I won’t be commenting.  It’s not my money, and I won’t benefit from it.

So I will just report from the sidelines, and let you all know how it goes.  I’m told it could get very heated.  Maybe I should bring some pop-corn.


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  1. Pamela

    It’s hard to see that while all attempts are being made to keep employees, people still manage to gripe and only care about themselves! Taking a small pay cut vs. losing your job entirely…hmmm…not so hard to decide. Idiot!

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