Yesterday, my Mentor spent most of the day thinking it was Wednesday, so much so, that I began to question it by the evening, and now, I am also unsure of the day.  I’ll keep reminding myself that it is in fact Wednesday, and that tomorrow is NOT Friday.  I hope it’s not a long week.

Ok, this is strange.  The printer in my classsroom, that is only hooked up to one computer, is suddenly making noises, and no one is over there messing with it.  Ca-Reep-Pee!

Sorry.  This morning is kind of just a random stream of consciencness.  And yes, I know that word isn’t spelled correctly, but the computer keeps thinking I want to write consciences, and that’s not quite the same thing.

I really did have something to say this morning, I was even going to write about it on my favorite forum, but decided it would be redundant for those who may read both, and didn’t.  Now I can’t remember what it was.  Must have been important.

Hope you all have a clearer day than I am!


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