On Friday I told you all about the annual Independence Day Party.  I was so excited, and I thought this year would be the biggest one yet.  But by Friday night it was clear that a majority of the people were in fact NOT coming, and when I woke up on Saturday morning and checked the temperature, it was a mere 40 degrees out.  Way too cold for an outdoor shindig.  So we canceled the party.

I already had all the food on hand, so I decided to go ahead and make the pork, but with a few changes.  The biggest of these was that I cooked it inside, in the oven.  Normally we cook the pork outside because of the heat, but on a 40 degree day, I could use a little extra heat indoors.  It still turned out to be amazing.

I also went ahead with the sangria, but only made a single batch, instead of the double and quadruples I usually do.

Next year, I’m promised a bigger event.  People are already RSVPing.  Let’s hope they remember, and that the weather is more accommodating.


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  1. caedwin

    since you made sangria, I thought you might want to know of a reuse for the wine bottles that I recently saw on the Today show. Insert your clean (washed and dried) wine bottles inside your boots and that will keep them from falling over and “breaking” the leather. This only works using the 750 ml bottles, not the mondo jumbo bottles.

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