Learning New Things…

My Observer comes back to see me teach on March 9th.  That’s in a week.  Most of the time, I teach the classes simply by walking around and talking to the students individually – I teach a mostly self-taught class.  But when my Observer comes to town, I have to do something more active.  What?  Well, that’s just it, I don’t always know.

Last week I taught a lesson on Story Boarding, but my Observer didn’t come to see that.  It would’ve been perfect too, I totally rocked it.  So I asked my Mentor what I should teach.  He suggested I teach a new sound program, and assign a lesson to go with it.

Great.  Now I have to learn a program called Audacity, and figure out a quick lesson to go with it, a lesson that the students can complete in a day or so.

I have downloaded the program, but haven’t done much with it.  Anyone every use it?  Any sound geniuses out there?  Want to help?




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