An End, and It’s a First!

This is the end of the six weeks, or, in case your school never went by six week periods, it’s report card time.  Of course, I’ve been on the student side of the “end of the six weeks” craziness, though I don’t remember being one of the students who cause the craziness.  This time, however, I am on the teacher side.  It’s different to say the least.  I have grades to enter, and grades to still collect – some of this because I have been too busy with other students to get to the grade-collecting, and some because the students have yet to complete the work.

I have students staying late, coming in early, and stoping by during their lunch/tutoring time.  It’s a bit hectic to say the least.  And I wonder if I would do things differently if it were truly my own class.  I wonder just how much of a hard-ass I would be.  Guess I won’t know until I get there, and I may never get there if things continue to go their way.

Happy Weekend!


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