Storage, and More Storage..

Son really cleaned up at his birthday party.  He got tons of new, and pretty cool toys.  The two toy boxes we have in the house were already over-flowing, even after I purged them.  I had to do something.  For a little while, while I was deciding just what to do, we simply had a card board box sitting in the livingroom.  Not so pretty.  Someone suggested I get some plastic tub, but really, are those any better than a cardboard box?  At least the box is made of paper, and fits into my colour scheme.  I had to come up with a better solution.  And I did.  Or, lets be honest, I wouldn’t be telling you about it here.

I bought some new baskets.

We already had the rectangular basket; I got that when Son was first born.  I’m really big on making sure that kid-stuff, and motherhood, be a part of my life, but not take over my life, and this extends to even the simple things like the toy box.  I feel it should integrate with the decor/design of the room, and it doesn’t get a free pass just because it holds toys.

Anyway, back to topic… I bought the round baskets at a local store called Hobby Lobby.  I was hoping to get in on their 50% off sales, but baskets weren’t on the list that week, so the little one cost me $24.99.  But the big one?  The big one is a clothes hamper, and he was hiding in the store.  He wasn’t with the baskets, on the basket aisle.  No.  And I almost missed him.  I had selected two other, smaller baskets, and was on my way out of the store, when the big 80% OFF sign caught my eye.  I thought I’d just go see what they had, you never know.  And that’s when I saw him.  Standing in all his glory.  He was just what I had been looking for.  I got him for a mere $29.99, and he came with a liner, which I have since filled with legos, and tucked inside.  The liner makes it obvious that he’s a hamper, and I wouldn’t want my guests to think I keep my dirty laundry out for them to see.

So the good news?  I have a beautiful storage solution that makes me happy.  The bad news?  The baskets are already full.  Oh well.  He will outgrow those duplo legos soon, and their size will reduce by nearly an eighth.  Someday.


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