Do You Know What Today Is?

If you live in America, you certainly do.  It’s Valentine’s day, and the TV commercials aren’t about to let you forget it.

Last year, in the interest of being green, thrifty, or just plain cheap, I sent Son to school with V-Day cards punched out of his Highlights Magazine.  This year, they didn’t send any.  I know, weird.  So I had to buy him a stack.  Sure, I could’ve made them, but it’s not like any of the recipients care how lovingly hand crafted the cards are, and I just don’t have the time.

So I bought Transformer cards, he has 24 kids in his class, and I think only 3 of them are girls.  Transformers should go over pretty well.  And now that I think about it, the whole even is pretty strange.  Three year olds don’t care about V-Day cards.  I’m sure if everyone got a bunch, and one student didn’t, he’d be upset, but not because he wanted a card, but because he was simply left out.  I’m sure I will go through Son’s stack when he gets home, and toss them all into the trash, I mean, recycle bin.

What is your view of the practice?  I’m curious to know.


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