Ends my week/sort-of-week, of teaching by myself.  My Mentor teacher is back from his conference.  Honestly, I’m glad, though I am a little nervous.  I hope I did everything to his standards.  I hope I took grades appropriately.  I hope I got all the absent students written into the grade book.  Sometimes, mundane things like that can slip my mind.  I hope none of them did, though.

I’m glad he’s back, though, because I’m tired of dealing with the lack-of-respect kids.  I know this will be an issue when I’m flying solo, in my own classroom, but maybe then I won’t have the “lesser of the teachers” stigma that comes with being a student teacher or even a sub.

If my Mentor’s leaving taught me anything, it was that I do have questions, and I don’t know how to control/handle students who don’t want to do their work.  Students who simply play on the internet, do other class work, or even sleep through class.  It’s aggravating.  And I’m noticing that their lack of respect is making me more sensitive to my own son’s respect issues.  I’ve begun to try to be consistent with him.  I tolerate less of his fit throwing, spitting, whatever he’s doing because he’s frustrated.  I send him to his room now, and tell him to come out when he’s ready to be nice.

I do try not to bring work stress home with me.  I just don’t want my son to be like some of the yahoos I have in class.


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