I Can’t Even Remember…

I can’t.  It’s gone.  A whole weekend!

And no, I didn’t have that much fun.  I’m sure I was hoping for some awesome, hands-on activities to blog about, but if I did them, I can’t remember them.  Strange.  Must be the snow.  We did have lots of it by Friday.  And I remember playing in it Friday afternoon.  And Saturday was spent on a day long adventure to pick up car parts.  Because of the ice and snow, a 2 hour drive took us 4 hours!  And what should have been a morning trip, took all day.

Sunday we got groceries, and I remembered why I don’t buy groceries on Sunday Morning.  Namely, liquor laws.  I had to make a separate trip to the store that afternoon for wine.  Then it was Superbowl.

Wow.  I must be getting old.  It seems I must’ve done more than just those few things, but maybe I didn’t.  Maybe my life really is that lame and uneventful.  But guess what!  All the students are saying there will be more snow tomorrow.

Snow, Snow, Go Away

Come Again Never Come Again, Not Any Day

I’m Ready For a Sun and Sand Play-Day

Snow, Snow, Go Away…


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