Our Cup Runneth Over…

Well, the toy box does, at least, and Son’s birthday is approaching.  What does that have to do with anything?  You obviously don’t have children, and have forgotten your own childhood.  Each gift-giving holiday is an excuse for others to go all out giving toys and other goods in an attempt to convert your home into Toys R Us.  Maybe that really isn’t their intention, but it often is the result.  So what do we do?  After Christmas, and just before his birthday, Son and I sit down, and go through his toys.  We sort what we will keep – because he still plays with it often, from what he no longer plays with at all.  This part is tough, mostly because when a child sees a toy, even if they haven’t touched it in months, they have to have it NOW!  I make Son be strong though – read:I take them back and put them in the correct pile when he isn’t looking.

The toys that we don’t keep go into two separate piles.  One pile is for things we want to keep, either for a future child, or for Son’s future children.  These tend to be toys that Son really loved, but has outgrown, or toys that are of such a quality that they will last for many generations.  The other pile is toys we will take to our local consignment shop.  This shop sorts through he toys I bring in, and gives me either cash or store credit in return.  I always chose  the store credit option because they give more this way, and I can use it for Son’s clothes.  Sometimes, the consignment shop doesn’t take all the toys we have.  Whatever is left over, we take to the local donation truck, and donate it.

As Son gets older, I’m hoping to teach him about purging his own things, and giving to those less fortunate.  At the wise old age of 3, he’s not there yet, he’s just now learning to take turns.  But maybe by the time he’s 4…


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