Wooden Hooks…

When I got the OK to redo the guest/Son’s bathroom, I scoured the internet in search of inspiration.  I settled on a sophisticated woodsy sort of feel, which you can read more about here. As you may know, I have since painted the bathroom, and made a shower curtain, read about those here and here, respectively.  Everything was well on its way, but I ran out of money.  That meant I couldn’t afford to buy hooks for the towels.  Luckily, we had a plumbing disaster, and had to rip out our ugly, old holly bushes.  Read about that here. Needless to say, it was a ton of fun.  I felt terrible just tossing out those bushes, especially when it was so close to Christmas; it seemed like the perfect excuse to make a wreath, that is if I was a wreath maker.  But I didn’t let it all go to waste.

I spent a morning selecting three different branches and cleaning all the leaves off, all before the trash-truck came to haul the mess away.  I left the branches to rest outside for a few weeks, just make sure there weren’t any living things on them, and then I moved them to the garage.  Because I couldn’t trim and clean the branches inside, and I hadn’t decided which of the three was the better one, I had to find a better way to visualize it.  Enter Chalk.

I measured, and chalked the outline of, the wall the branch was to go on.

I then laid each branch into the tracing, at separate times of course.

I then began trimming, taking pictures after each trim.  I find that it helps, when creating art and such, to stand back and see the work from a distance, not that this was to be high art, or anything.  Once I began doing the trimming, it became apparent which of the three branches I should use.  I finished up the winning branch, and begged Husband to help me hang it.  He wasn’t so sure at the time that this was such a great idea.  It is a bit unconventional, after all.

Once hung, it looked like this…

It was Husband’s idea to put the Thrift Store bird on the branch; I’m glad he started to get into the idea.  Sure, the branch is dramatic, but I like that.  I’m still not finished with the bathroom, though now that I’m working full time again, the progress is much slower.  All functionality is finished now.  We’ve never actually had a towel rack, or hook in that bathroom. We’ve been draping Son’s towels over the cabinet door.  Anything else that I do in the bathroom will be decorative.  I still really want that moose head.  I want to hang it on the back of the door.  Sadly, it’s out of the budget, maybe it will be a gift someday.



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2 responses to “Wooden Hooks…

  1. namhenderson

    Like the inclusion of the bird. How is it attached/stabilized?

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