Mendin’ Fences…

No, that’s not a Chevy Truck advertisement.  I told you I’d try to be productive over the weekend, and I was.  Husband and I loaded up his truck, and headed to my mother’s Saturday morning.  Our plan?  To fix her front gate and gate opener.  You see, she’s out of town.  She knew we were going to stop by and work, so it’s not like it was a surprise, but she won’t see it until the 7th, so it is like a surprise.

First thing we did was shop for a new front gate.  The one she had was in pretty rough shape, and we figured its condition was hampering its function.  What function?  Oh yeah, you’ve never been.  The gate doesn’t always open with the automatic gate opener.  This means you have to get out of the car, and open it yourself.  Sucks!  Especially in the rain, or cold.

So we searched for a gate, but not at any store.  We looked over her property and found a gate that we could use so that we wouldn’t need to purchase one, saving us time, gas, and money.  We did have to run into town to get hardware and supplies, though.

When we returned, Husband installed the “new” gate, and the opener.  It took most of an afternoon, but at least it looks better and is functional.  Keep your fingers crossed that it stays that way.


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