People seem to be really interested.

Ever since I started writing about my student teaching experiences, my viewer count has multiplied.  Where I used to get  4-5 hits a day,  I am now getting 15-20!  It’s a bit crazy.  I feel like my recent posts have been less that stellar, like I’m only posting because I feel I should post every day if I want to keep readers.  I thought that people would rather read about making things, decorating things,and designing things.  I guess not so much.  Who knew?!

It would seem, since numbers don’t lie, that I should continue to write about school, so I will.  But over the weekends, I hope to do some creative sorts of things, and I will undoubtably post about that as well.


Thanks guys.  It really is a boost to check my stats and see that people are actually reading.  Especially now, when my mother is out of town, and can’t get to a computer.


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