School Work…

Sorry the last few posts have been all about school and such.  All that I’ve had time for lately is school and such.  Maybe this weekend I can do something worth blogging about.  Maybe.

So one of the great things about my schoolwork is that it is, for hte most part, all submitted electronically.  I don’t have to waste paper, ink, staples, ect, and that means I don’t have to spend any money on these things.  Electronic submittal may just be the way to go.  Sure, if I had to grade 120 essays, I may prefer to be able to make notes on them, ect, and having them printed would make this easy, but I have a writing tablet for my computer, and as such, I could, in theory, write on the electronic documents, wel, electronically.

When I was in Architecture school, I, and everyone else in the college, went through paper like crazy.  We printed off everything just to see how it would look when hung up, and then reprinted it again.  Tons, and tons, of paper.

When I was working at the Architecture firm, we went through sheet after sheet doing the same thing, only this time, the sheets tended to be even larger.  I don’t know if the college recycled, but I KNOW that the firm did not.  I asked them about it, but they just never wanted to bother with it I guess.

The class I am currently teaching has no need to print things off.  The students create animations, and those don’t translate well to the printed page.  If I When I get that Architectural teaching job, I will no doubt go through quite a bit of paper, but I will try to teach students to reuse and recycle.  I may even try digital pin-ups, where the students use the projector to present their work.  It may not translate well, but I think its an idea.

After all, the education has to start somewhere.


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