It is the beginning of the semester at the High School where I am teaching.  This means that students are changing their schedules, and dropping out of courses they decided weren’t as much fun as they thought.  These kids often leave things behind – folders, notebooks, ect.  Yesterday, I was the receiver of just such a handmedown.

A student left class, and left his class journal behind.  This journal is a large, gridded engineer’s style notebook.  The kid only used maybe 10 of the pages before he left, and my Mentor gave the notebook to me.  He didn’t know this at the time, but I love bound notebooks, especially gridded ones.  Picture me giddy with excitement, but containing it since I didn’t want to come off as strange; it is only my second week here, I should keep up that great impression.

I plan to simply slice out the market up pages, and make it my own.  Sure, the pages are numbered, and I guess my new notebook will start on page 15 or something, but what can you do?  It’s not like I’m using it to write a novel or something, the page numbers are really just for fun.

Do you ever get handmedowns?


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One response to “Handmedowns…

  1. mjcache

    Yeah, usually they are in the form of purple oversized clothing. I hate purple and baggy and saggy outfits.

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