I was almost late!  Mornings are becoming a bit hectic.  Now that I think about it, evenings are as well.  This morning, I had to get the crockpot going for supper, and nearly ran out of time.  Son slept until 7:40, and we have to be out the door by 8!  In someways, this was my fault, since I was so busy cooking supper, that I didn’t notice the time, and once I did, I simply called his name every once and a while to try and wake him up.

Some how, I managed to get it all done, but I still have that “urgent” feeling.  I hate that.  Oh well.  I hope supper is worth it!


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  1. Me too. Especially lately, with my new responsibilities, including physician training classes. I have classes which start at 7am, which to make sure i get there on time and have prep time require me to get up 2 hours earlier than I usually do.

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