Pull the Curtain…

First, let me say I’m sorry for not being here Friday, but it wasn’t my fault.  You see, Husband stole the SD card that had my photos for the post on it.  Shame on him.

So, back to topic.  I’ve been working on that Bathroom Redo for a while now.  So far I’ve gotten it painted, and now I’ve gotten the shower curtain finished, or at least finished for now.  I may make some adjustments to it.  But here it is now, along with how I made it.

If you remember, I posted an Ikea Fabric idea here. It’s nearer the bottom of the page.  Well, when I got to Ikea, I decided that that particular print, while I loved the theme and colours, was just too small and busy for what I needed it for.  Luckily, they had a similar fabric, in a larger pattern, although it was without the lovely green splashes.  I cut 5 yards of it anyway, and brought it home.  While I was there, I also bought a metal shower rod, a 2 dollar shower curtain liner, and these Curtain rings from the window curtain section.

I loved the idea that with these rings I wouldn’t have to cut and make grommet holes or button holes in the shower curtain, but I was a bit concerned about the weight, so I bought two packages.

Once I got everything home, I cut the fabric in half, and stitched the two panels together.  This wasn’t so bad.  No, the hard parts were still to come.  The shower curtain liner is 71″ wide, so I laid my fabric on the floor of my living room, and measured 75″ of width, and cut off the excess.  Since I don’t have a sewing table large enough to handle all this fabric, I had to be inventive.  I used the lines on my hardwood floors to help keep the seems straight.  It looked something like this…

Yes, those are crystal weights – only the best for my shower curtain!  I measured, folded, pinned, and stitched the top seem first.  Then, I repeated this method for the sides and finally bottom seems.    All this pinning and stitching was exhausting.  I am so glad to be finished with it.  I think it works, and really think this fabric would make beautiful wall paper.  What do you think?

I usually keep the curtain pulled to the left, between the shower and the toilet, but I may be changing my tune.  But, it feels a bit less claustrophobic being tucked behind the door, across from the toilet.  I may keep it there.  Change is good!


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