Good News…

I found a way to replace tofu in a lasagna recipe.

I know, I know.  Why was there tofu even listed in a lasagna recipe?  I guess as a meat alternative.  Best I can figure, anyway.  I told you yesterday that Husband was on a semi-diet.  This meant that I couldn’t just throw anything in to replace the tofu in this recipe.  I found a calorie counter online, and just started typing in things that I felt would possibly work as a replacement.  Meat. More Ricotta.  Cream Cheese.  Low-fat Cream Cheese.  Greek Yogurt.  All sorts of things.  Replacing the tofu 100% with low-fat cream cheese only added 12.5 calories per serving.  Not too bad.  But when I started cooking, I only had 8 oz of cream cheese, and needed 12.3 oz of tofu.  Dang.  So I weighed, and added plain Greek yogurt to the cream cheese until I reached the magic number.  This made the calories nearly equal; no more extra 12.5!  And how did it taste?  I’d use the replacement again, even in my lasagna.  The recipe’s sauce wasn’t exactly there, but the filling turned out wonderfully.

And what was the best part of making lasagna last night?  Not the 3 hours of cooking it took; no, that pretty much sucked.  No, the best part was that I got to use one of my thrift-store finds.  Remember that beautiful copper pan I found?  It looked perfect for making lovely French gratins.  I used it for the first time to make a mediocre lasagna with an awesome filling.  At least the pan was pretty!


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