Painting Tips…

I feel like such a dolt.  I said, on Friday, when I revealed the Newly Painted Bathroom, that I’d share some painting tips on Monday.  I got so excited about the blog stats that were sent to me, that I completely forgot, and I didn’t remember until last night.  I know, I’m terrible.  Why have you stuck with me?

So, Painting Tips…

  1. Don’t bother taping off the ceiling, especially if you have a lovely popcorn ceiling like I do.  Instead, pick up a two inch angle-cut brush.  I call this a cutting brush, and it’s my favorite, so much that I painted that whole bathroom with it.  Use this brush, dip into your paint, and drag the paint off the upper side of your brush, but not the underside.  In case I’m not making sense, the upper side will be the side of the brush facing the ceiling, and the underside will be against the wall.  I’ll explain further.  Hold the brush flat, horizontal, just below the ceiling line.  Then drag the brush pulling toward the shorter edge, slowly moving the brush closer and closer to the ceiling.  Try this without any paint first, until you get the feeling.  DO NOT try to hold the brush in a vertical fashion, and use the point to cut in the ceiling, it just won’t work well.
  2. Only buy 3″ tape.  Why?  Because chances are you have an xacto knife, and if you don’t you can simply rip the tape into narrower widths.  Yes, I know this is more personal preference, but I’m cheap, and don’t have lots of space to store numerous rolls of tape.  I just carefully tear the tape as I pull it off the roll.  After going around once, the tape has a guide, and you don’t have to pull so carefully.  It’s instant 1.5″ tape!
  3. Pull that tape off your edges BEFORE the paint dries.  This will keep the paint from peeling off the wall with your tape, cutting down on touch-ups.  I hate doing touch-ups, so much, that I almost never do them.  Be careful, though, because the paint on the tape is still wet, so you could get it on you.  Yuck.
  4. In between coats, wrap your brush/roller in plastic wrap, and place it in the fridge.  This way you don’t have to wash the brush and wait for it to dry.  I don’t know that the fridge part is really necessary, but the plastic wrap is.

For now, that’s all I have.  If you have other tips, feel free to post.


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