A Step Ahead…

The Bathroom Redo is taking a bit of time.  In the meantime, here is a new addition to the bathroom that isn’t really part of the redo.

A step stool.  Son is nearly three, but still short.  He needs help to get onto things that are adult-sized, or to simply brush his teeth, so Husband build him this.

It is based on the design of a stool my dad made for me when I was little, and still has at his house, and it was super simple.  And cheap.  The whole thing is made from 2x6s, screws. and some wood dowel to cover the screws.  The stool would have cost us around 6 bucks, but when I asked the nice guy at Home Depot if he could cut down the 8′ 2×6 from the rack, he pointed me to the culled lumber bin.  The bin is typically empty whenever I go check it, so I’d given up.  That day, however, it was chock full of 2x6s!  And all were 51 cents a piece.  I bought three boards, so $1.53, but we only used two of them.  Oh well, I’m sure it will come in handy some time.

So not bad for less than two bucks, huh?  I’m not sure who’s more stoked, me or Son.


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