Oops! Another Happy Accident…

Last night I was making walnut crusted pork chops.  I was very careful to follow the recipe, mostly because Husband doesn’t think I know how to.  I tell him all the time that recipes are just guidelines, but he’s a to-the-letter sort of guy, but I digress.  I measured, mixed, and prepped just as instructed, not even deviating a little.  The recipe called for walnuts, ground extra-finely, and so I pulled out the food processor, poured in the nuts, and went to chopping.  Since the walnuts were pretty large to start with, I let the machine run, and turned my back to measure other ingredients.  Imagine my surprise when I returned to my processor to find the nuts ground so well, that they were now a paste.

Obviously, I couldn’t use this for the pork chop crust, but could I use it for something else?  I tasted it.  Nutty, smoother than not, but I bet if I add sugar it would be divine.  So I did.  Pretty tasty.  Then I scooped it out, and reprocessed more nuts for the crust, only not for so long this time.  After I measured out the amount needed for the chops, I added more sugar, the other walnut paste, and took it all for another spin.

This morning, I am happy to report that I found out a way to make nut-butter from any nut!  No additives, other than sugar, necessary, not even oil!  I’ve got a whole jar full, and it hasn’t even separated yet.  Even better, it was free!  I had some on buttered, toasted English muffins this morning.  It tasted amazingly, but it was a bit sweet – like cookie dough.  Last night, it wasn’t so sweet, so it must be a combo of the butter and salt added to the muffin.  But I definitely wanted seconds.  Yum!


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