Green Light!

Since we moved in, our guest bathroom hasn’t changed.  Sure, it’s been used, and I bought a rug, but that was it.  Decorating it just wasn’t high on the priority list.  We redid the living room, and then our bedroom/bathroom, then had a kid and had to create a room for him, and last year I redid the guest room.  Last Sunday, Husband gave me the go ahead to finally do something with the bathroom.  But there’s a catch.  I’ve only got $100 to spend.  Good thing it’s a small space.

So here she is, in all her unpainted glory…

Lovely, no?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Since Sunday, even before, really, I’ve been thinking of a direction to go with the room.  The main constraints, other than cash flow, is that the room has to serve two vastly different peoples – Son and guests.  Because it’s Son’s bathroom, and eventually he will keep his toothbrush and future grooming products in there, so it can’t be too old.  But it’s also the bathroom that visitors use, so it can’t be done in cartoons or other childish things.  I think I have the solution; a modern take on the woodsy/nature theme.  Here’s what I mean.

Grey walls and white trim.  Hooks instead of a towel bar because, frankly, a bar won’t really fit.  Hooks like these found on Etsy.

Or maybe some animal inspired hooks like these…

I’m also thinking of using this fabric from Ikea to make a shower curtain.

And then, just maybe, fun accents like this, from Z Gallery.

Then again, I haven’t even purchased paint yet, so I may just be dreaming.  I’ll keep you updated.



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4 responses to “Green Light!

  1. Pamela

    Can’t wait to see what you do!

  2. namhenderson

    ha my lady got me amongst other things hand made clothes hangar made from sticks…

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