This Is the End…

Yep, that’s the last of it.  Well, except for what’s outside, on the house.

Normally, I wait until January 1st to take down, and put away the Christmas Decorations, but this year, we gave up our back door in order to have a tree, and since the back door is a major source of natural light in our livingroom, I was so over it.  Christmas had to go.

Of course, I waited until Son was safely at school.  Have you ever tried to put away a Christmas tree with a 2 year old running  around?  It’s not going to be pretty.

Unraveling the lights from the tree isn’t easy with a two year old running around either.  Two year olds like to be helpful.

Oh, I’m so glad to have my living room back.  I’m really glad to have my sunlight, and back door, back.  I can breath easier.  Strange.

Sorry, Christmas, but I’m so over you.


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