Christmas Gone…

And in its path, a swath of destruction.  Christmas with a child is fun, but it’s also messy.  Children’s toys, more than anything else, brings more packaging trash with it.  Christmas may, in fact, be the trashiest holiday of them all.  You’ve got paper plates from parties, Christmas cards and envelopes, wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, and loads and loads of plastic twist-ties, formed plastic packaging, and cardboard boxes.  It’s a sight!  I suppose on the bright side, you do have all those nice donations you could make of the gifts you didn’t want/need/like.  Snuggie anyone?  I’ve got a nice, plush, camel-coloured one!

Maybe that’s why the English, and maybe the Canadians, have Boxing Day.  As a kid, I always thought it had to do with boxers, like Mohamed Ali, but maybe it’s just a national day-off to recycle and clean up.  I know I’ve got lots to do.  First, I have to find a place for all the booty Son received, and I’ve got to put away the things that I received, and return the things that either don’t fit Son or I don’t want.  It will be a busy day, week even.

Anybody want a Snuggie?  Just pay shipping.  Really.


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