Christmas Presents..II..

Yesterday, I shared with you just one of the gifts I am making, and giving this year.  Now, I’ll let you in on the other’n.

It’s a flask.  Seems like we only hang out with boozers, doesn’t it, but we don’t, I mean, they aren’t.

When I made Husband his flask for our anniversary, I ordered a set of 4 5oz flasks as well.  I couldn’t decide what size to get without seeing them, so I just got all of them – they were ridiculously cheap.  Since this meant I now had four extra flasks, I figured I’d give them out as gifts, but I can’t just leave them all plain.  It’s a blank canvas, just waiting for my creativity to gussy it up.

I was making the flask for a man, and wanted it to have a manly, yet current sort of theme.  So I went with plaid.

First, I masked the flask with different widths of tape.  Then, I took it out to our media blaster, and went to town.  It looked like this…

I just peeled off the tape, and washed it to get this…

I’m quite pleased with it.  And the guy I gave it to?  He seemed quite happy.

Now you know how I’m spreading the Christmas cheer.

Merry Christmas!


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