Christmas Presents…

Handmade, of course.

Everyone loves to receive gifts, and often, homemade ones share the most love.  They can also be the cheapest – but shhh, don’t tell the receivers.  This year, I made two gifts for friends, and they cost me less than the typical office-secret-santa budget.

One of the gifts I made was Pineapple Vodka.  It sounds complicated, but it’s sooo easy.  The hardest part is skinning and coring the pineapple, and this year, I discovered that you can buy fresh, skinned and cored pineapples, so I skipped that part completely.  The only other thing that makes this gift “difficult,” is that it does require some pre-planning.  After the pineapple is chunked, and swimming in vodka, it has to sit for two weeks.  But it’s just sitting.  Stewing away.

Here’s the run down.

Find a glass container, with lid, that holds about half a gallon.

Chunk up some pineapple, and place it in the container.  Stack it so that it makes a sort of checkerboard against the glass.

Pour in the vodka.  I think it’s something like 3-4 cups, but I just poured until the container was full, and the fruit was covered.

Cover with plastic wrap, to keep air out, and place on lid.

Then, just let it sit for two whole weeks.  It will look something like this, in the end.

(yes, I know it’a a crummy photo)


After your two weeks, simply pour the liquid into a bottle.  I chose to use an empty Drambuie bottle, after I washed it out thoroughly.  And do you remember all that awful holly we sat out by the curb, after our plumbing fiasco?  Well, I cut a sprig of it to decorate the bottle with.  I also included instructions on how to mix pineapple martinis on the gift tag. (You just add pineapple juice to taste.)


The gift is most impressive, I often hear “You make your own liquor!?”  And best of all, depending on the vodka you use, it doesn’t have to cost that much.  But don’t tell them!


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