Pin-Up Photos…

Nope, it’s not what you think, but I made you look, didn’t I?

Son likes to look at photographs.  I don’t know why, I just know he does.  And not just any photograph, either.  No, he likes to look specifically at photos of himself.  Conceited?  Maybe.  Used to be, that he would mess up my pictures with his finger prints and creases, but the other day, I devised a simple plan to fix this.  I printed him his own copies of photographs of himself.  I’m not helping, am I?

Printer ink is readily available, and I already had the paper on hand, but I still didn’t want to have to print new pictures each time he ripped one up because it was under foot, or under the toys, or wherever it is that he puts things.  (Did I mention he once hid the TV remote, and months after I ordered the replacement one, I found it – in the hall coat closet?!)  So, I needed a simple way to display the photos that would be easy for him to master, mostly so I wouldn’t have to hear “Momma, I need help.  Hang my pictures?”  Sorry, I’ve got things to do – like type blog posts.

I didn’t want to spend any money on this little project, lest he simply destroy it, and I didn’t want to drive all over town collecting parts, either; again, I’ve got things to do.  So I found some rope, and since it’s winter, and I won’t be hanging laundry out to dry – although it is 80 degrees out today – I thought I’d use some clothes pins.  At the time, I didn’t realize that Son had used them for his own purposes, and left them there.  I was able to find about 8 of them.  I used to have hundreds.

I hung the rope with push pins, and then clipped the pictures to it with the clothes pins.  I love how easily you can add to it, or change it up.  I also love how it ever so nicely fills in the space between Son’s bed and overhead cabinets.  It’s like it was always meant to be there.


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