Miss Me?

No, I didn’t fall into a rabbit hole.  I’ve been here the whole time, but, well, I have been dealing with holes – a very big one, really.

This is what I’ve been dealing with…

I know it looks like a crime scene, but I promise it’s not.  No, it’s all plumbing related.  Sewer related, to be exact.  Yep, it was a mess.

It started with a backed up pipe, and ended with a torn up yard, and us 2500 bucks lighter.  On the plus side, we were able to rip up the awful holly bushes along the front of the house.  Being Christmas, it felt wasteful to be tossing out loads of holly branches and berries.  I could’ve made a wreath, or something, but I already have a wreath – and I just didn’t have the time, with all the plumbing issues going on.

So I guess what I’m saying, is that if anyone is in the area, and wants to make some all natural holly decor, it’s free for the taking.


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