From Trash to Treasure…

Last week, my Grandmother gave me a set of votive candles she received as a “gift with purchase.”  It came with four glasses, a tray, two silver ornaments, and a bag full of pearl beads, varying in sizes.  Based on the box, you were supposed to put the glasses/votives on the tray, and pour the beads around them for “Dramatic effect.”  Yeah, I liked the glasses, and the tray could come in handy, but I’m not a loose bead kind of gal.  Sorry.  So instead I made a necklace.

I had some spare ribbon, but it was too big to go through the holes on the pearls, so I cut the ribbon straps from a shirt – you know, the ones used to keep the top from falling off the hanger.  I also had a broken necklace that I salvaged some gold chain and flowers from.  In the end, I have a statement piece, that didn’t cost me a dime!

Even better, is that the hanging piece can be easily removed to make a less-bold necklace.

Today, I’m wearing it to work.  High schoolers can be quite cruel, so I’ll know soon enough if I have a career in jewelry design.  Wish me luck!


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