Consider Yourself Warned…

I went to the doctor yesterday.  I never go to the doctor; I just don’t ever think about it.  But now that I’m teaching, and can’t really hide in my cubicle with my germs, I went to get this cough I’ve had cleared up.  The doctor prescribed me some antibiotics, and then some cough medicine to take at bedtime.  He said it was “bad_ss,”  or at least, I’m pretty sure thats what he said – I tend to make folks relaxed.  So I go to the pharmacy to pick this stuff up, and they don’t have it in stock!  Strange.  I assumed it was just the crappy pharmacy I was at, and took my prescription to a different one.  Boy, was I in for a surprise.

First, I was expecting a syrup; I was given pills.  I checked, it was the right stuff.  Second, it was $90 BUCKS! I was astounded.  I even asked the clerk to check again.  Sheesh!  The stuff better be made of gold – or at least pure-grade opium.  I read through the papers it came with, and while it is a narcotic, it’s certainly not black-market worthy.  No.  The only thing written on it under warnings was that it could make a baby sleepy if you were breastfeeding while taking it.  And sure, that might make it marketable to new mothers everywhere, I just don’t see it being sustainable.

So I popped the pill about an hour before bedtime, and waited.  Nothing.  I get into bed, and still nothing.  My body feels tired, but my mind is still going 90 to nothin.  Worse, I’m still coughing.  I finally fall asleep, but since I have a 2 year old, it doesn’t last long.  The drugs aren’t enough to keep me dreaming, or even dazed.  I wake up fully clear-headed.  In the morning, I wake up completely functional.  Sure, the cough is better, but the medicine (Tussicaps) was hardly worth the 5 bucks a pill I had to shell out.

To be fair to the pharmaceutical companies out there, I do have a high tolerance for things.  I once took a methadone pill to dull the pain of a waxing session, and still felt every hair that was ripped out.  My dad is the same way.  But next time, I’ll stick to Nyquil – or the generic version of it.

Consider this a public service announcement.


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