Thanksgiving Leftovers…

This year, I didn’t have any.  I didn’t have many people over, and so I only bought a turkey breast, and kept my dishes small.  But in the past, I’ve had to get creative with all the food left in the fridge after the guests have departed.

First, I do the usual, make turkey sandwiches, and pocket pies stuffed with turkey, stuffing, and gravy with the left over pie dough.  Then, I start shredding whats left of the bird, and make turkey enchiladas, turkey spaghetti, and I even tried to ball up, and fry the stuffing one year.  It was ok, but nothing magical.

Once I’ve gotten all the meat eaten up, I begin boiling the carcass to get turkey stock, which I stock up in my freezer.  It’s nice to have around.  There is a difference between stock and broth is huge – stock has callogen in it to make it silky, but the difference between turkey stock and chicken stock is minimal; once it’s all cooked up, you’d never know the difference.

Using up the leftovers is simple, but a word of caution.  Don’t use the neck to make anything you are going to eat, unless you plan to really strain the crap out of it.  The neck bones are tiny, and not very appetizing.

What do you do with your leftovers?


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