We Did It Again, well, Husband Did…

I know this is my first post-Thanksgiving post, and I should be going into more Thanksgiving sorts of topics, and I will, but this is just too cool to wait.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any time at all, you know that I often times make toys for my two year old son.  This time, Husband took on the elf duty.

Son has a small obsession with robots.  We have no idea where it came from, or how he even knew what they were  in the beginning.  He even chose a robot ornament for the tree this year.  It must be a boy thing.  He’s been “building” robots for the past week by laying out dominoes on the floor.  Let’s just say he must have a great imagination, and Husband was great enough to oblige, and build these same sort of non-bot robots, for a while.  Last night, he just couldn’t take it anymore, and headed to the garage.  He came back with a handful of broken toys and cardboard.

I pulled out my trusty cutting mat, to protect my table, and fetched supplies as needed; after a while, a new toy began to take shape.  Both boys sat at the table for over an hour, Son drawing, or attempting to sneak a turn with the xacto knife, and Husband taping together wires, cardboard, wheels, and motors.  In the end, he had a robot any mad-scientist would be proud of.

Son, of course, loves it.  It doesn’t steer, or anything, and you can’t control it, but it wobbles all over the place.  Husband had me take a photo of the bottom of the robot as well.  So for all you techie-types…

It even has a switch!  I’m so proud of him.


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