I’ve Hit a Snag…

Literally.  I’m subbing again today, and since it’s getting cold outside, I picked up some black hose yesterday to keep my legs warm.  The problem?  I put them on this morning, then put on my boots, only to find I needed to wear socks with my boots.  So, I had to take the boots off, put on socks, and then put the boots back on.  Scratch!!! The heel of my boot just touched my leg.  I was hoping that it was no big deal, but by the time I got through with breakfast, there was a teeny tiny hole starting to form.  OK.  I’ve got some clear nail polish in the bathroom.  I think.  All ladies know that clear nail polish quickly brushed over a snag can save a pair of pantyhose.  But I couldn’t find mine.

I’m not a fingernail-painting kind of girl.  Never have been.  But I could’ve sworn there was a small, sample-sized bottle of clear polish.  Oh well.  So I went for the next best thing.  Super Glue.  It’s clear.  Why not.

I have no idea if this will work.  But I hate the thought of spending money, and then not being able to use what I spent my money on.  Cross your fingers!


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