Going Tube-less…

The latest thing to hit the green market is tubeless toilet paper. USA Today wrote a whole article on Scott’s new product.  The idea is simple enough.  Take the tube out of the middle of the roll, and you use less paper – green!, and you save tons of money – well, at least the company will.  They are testing it in a few markets, and to be honest, I don’t see why it wouldn’t take off – assuming the price is right.  But lucky me, I don’t have to buy new toilet paper to test out the tube-less revolution.  I’ve got a two year old.

Yesterday, Son stole the toilet paper, when I needed it, no less, and proceeded to “wrap” the house.  He started in the hall, and ran through the living room, and around the couch and coffee table before he ran out.  It was practically a new roll.  Me, being the thrifty sort that I am, had him roll it back up, and put it back into the bathroom.  Later that day, since he had already lost the tube, I very carefully wrapped all the loose paper onto the spindle you’d normally put through the toilet paper tube.  Sure, it’s not rolled as tightly as a factory would’ve done it, but it’s going to work just fine.

The only question I have for the people down at Scott’s is this… What are all those poor kindergartners going to use for arts and crafts now?


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