Teaching in the Green…

Yesterday, I subbed for a math class.  Things were going in their usual way, handing out quizzes, worksheets, and helping students when things suddenly changed.  I ran out of quizzes to hand out.  I don’t have a code for the copy machine, and I’m not supposed to leave the room when students are in it, for any reason.  So…..

I took one of the students’ unused quiz sheets, and placed it on the overhead projector.  The students without quizzes were all quite confused.  I told them – multiple times – to get out a sheet of notebook paper, and to simply write their answers down on their own paper.  You’d have thought I’d asked them to run around the schoolhouse naked or something.  They couldn’t believe they had to use notebook paper, and look at a projection!

Schools use a lot of paper, but I’m thinking so much can saved if the overhead was just used, and students were expected to use their own notebooks.  You’d only need to run a handful of copies, instead of 200.  Think of all the paper we’d save!  And the trees.


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