Mission Organization – Bathroom Cabinet…

Since I slacked off last week on my mission to organize my life, I thought I attempt to tackle two projects this week, and I’ve already accomplished one.  Meet the guest bathroom cabinet…

It’s a mess; I know.  You see, it’s the place in the house where Husband does most of his reading, and as such, most of his reading gets shoved in there.  Let’s just say I didn’t marry him for his organizational skills.  Since I hardly ever open these doors, and guests, as far as I know, never open them either, it just hasn’t been on my list.  But I needed something fairly quick and easy to organize, and this was perfect.

First, I moved all the car magazines and parts catalogs to the top shelf.  Then I moved, and ordered the Mens Health issues on the lower shelf.  Everything is easily accessible now, in case we should need to flip through a parts book from December 2009 (Husband says we have to keep them.)  In the process, I did find mail from over a year ago, along with some sea-themed bath soaps that Son thought were “beautiful” so I let him keep them.

So now, it looks like this…

Much better – it’s like a breath of fresh air.  And yes, those are Son’s hands peaking into each photo.  He’s a bit of a ham when the camera comes out.


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