Saturday night, somebody/bodies, riffled through my car, in my own driveway.  Seems the car was left unlocked, and they made a mess of it.  Went through my CDs, and pulled everything out of my glovebox.  Seems they didn’t agree with my music choice, and left everything behind.  Everything except a set of Mercury keys, and we don’t even own a Mercury.  There’s still a chance they attempted to use those keys to start my car, and then simply dropped them on the floor.  Oh well.  Actually, this isn’t the first time this has happened, and Husband was a bit beside himself with vengence.  So we went to Home Depot.

Husband wanted to get a motion-security light, and a security camera – I talked him out of the 110 electric shock he wanted to hook up to our door handles.  The ole HD doesn’t carry security cameras in their brick and mortar stores, so he had to settle for a simple security light.  Being the visually conscience, thrifty green maven that I am, I wanted to get a lamp that was cheap, energy efficient, and attractive – or at least as attractive as a security lamp with motion detector could be.  It wasn’t to be.  Our Home Depot doesn’t carry lamps wired for LEDs, they were all “energy star” halogens.  It also seems that there is a premium on aesthetics.  To get a not-too-big lamp, made from metal, not plastic, cost us many dollars more than the same size lamp in plastic.  Maybe the manufacturers are betting that consumers won’t know that UV light destroys plastic, making it brittle, crack, and yellow – yuck!  Good thing I’m informed.

So tonight, when he gets home, Husband will be climbing a ladder to install the pretty, new light.  He hates ladders, but I’m sure the burn of revenge will light a fire under him.



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2 responses to “Strange…

  1. Installing a motion sensitive light is actually on me and the lady’s todo list. If the urine doesn’t work we think maybe a bright light might scare whatever pests are helping themseleves to our veggies, off. Did you guys get a battery one or he husband going to have to wire it to? I ask because I have no faith in my abilities to deal with wiring.

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