I Did It!

I got half the day to myself yesterday, and used it to actually get things done.  I did.  I didn’t sit on my tail all day, and I didn’t waste the day away.  Nope.  Instead I organised my dresser.  By doing so, I was finally able to take all the clothes and shoes to the donate place, and get them off the floor.

First thing I did was go through my underwear/sock drawer.  I’ve hated how mashed together everthing is in there for a while, and decided to finally do something about it.  I pulled out my trusty xacto knife, some straight pins, and some of that left over foam-core, and made dividers.  I now have a place for long sock, short socks, and everything else.  No more digging!  Everytime I open the drawer, I smile and sigh.

My t-shirt and sweater drawers also got makeovers.  I sorted through them all, and the shirts that I wanted to keep for sentimental reasons – but will never wear, I boxed up, and put away.  I then realised that if I folded, and then turned all the shirts on their edge, I’d be able to see all the shirts/sweaters at once, instead of them stacked one atop the other.

I’m quite pleased with the results, and will be even more pleased with the tax write-off come April.  Yay for donations!



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  1. caedwin

    i never would have thought of rolling my sweaters and turning them on their sides! what a great idea. And, it looks like you were able to get more in to the drawers as well than you would have if you had stacked them.

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