Slacking Off…

I really am trying to stick to my re-organize one thing a week plan, but I haven’t gotten around to anything yet this week.  I’m kicking myself.  Yesterday would’ve been perfect too.  Son was at school all day, and was home alone.  Instead, I did a bit of homework, complained about the homework, worked on my Halloween costume, and watched TV.  I’m such a slacker.  And today, I work.  Sometimes I wish I would just grow up, and get down to business.  But then I whine, stomp, and out about all that I have to do, and nothing gets done.

Are you like that?

It’s pretty annoying.



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2 responses to “Slacking Off…

  1. caedwin

    and I always thought you were such a go-getter! So, whenever you feel overwhelmed, make your list of what you want to accomplish and then even if you only get one thing done, you can cross it off and see that your HUGE TO DO list now has one less thing on it!

  2. Pamela

    i agree with the person above. i love making lists anyways, but when i make one and get to cross something i did off of the list, it’s wonderful for me. don’t be too hard on yourself. you’ll get to finishing your list eventually 🙂

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