I fixed the mailbox.  Sort of.

Our mailbox is a metal one, supported by the metal bar and scroll sort of stand.  It seems the welds had broken off somehow, and that’s why the box was laying on the ground.  I was hoping I could just go out and set it back up there, but no go.  My next idea was to simply drill some screws into the sides of the “legs” up at an angle, and into the bottom of the box.  First, I tried it with just the screws, but they weren’t self-tapping, and didn’t even make an attempt to go into the metal.  So, I went and got a drill bit, drilled a hole, and tried again with the angled screws.  Nope.  Didn’t work.  The screws weren’t long enough, and I couldn’t get the angle steep enough.  It was a mess.

About this time, a little old man that walks the neighborhood everyday, with his cane, passed by.  He offered his weight, to hold the box in place, while I drilled the screws in again.  It still didn’t work.  He suggested the I attached a board to the stand, and then the box to the board, and whipped out a tiny tape measure.  He gave me the measurements, and I went inside to find a board.  I didn’t have anything with the measuremements he specified, but I did find a 1×3.  It would have to work.  WHen I got back outside, the man was gone.  Oh well, I’d have to go it alone.

I quickly found that the screws I was using were too short.  I went back to the garage to find longer screws.  I couldn’t find the black metal kind, but did find some shining silver ones.  I went back out, and tried my angle method to attach the board.  It kind of worked, well enough, anyway.  Then I tried to angle the screws through the inside of the box, down into the board.  Again, my lack of self-tapping screws totally screwed me.  I had to drill pilot holes intot he bottom of the box, but I couldn’t do it from the inside of the box, so I had to take the box off the stand, flip it over, and drill from the underside.  This was taking longer than I planned.  After all that, I was finally able to screw the box to the board.  But it wasn’t such a great connection.  I did my best to drill some screws up through the bottom of the board, and into the bottom of the box.  It worked, sort of.

I finally got it all back together, albeit a bit temporary.  We will replace it with something more permanent later, but my repair will work for now.  The old man came back later, with a board the right size.  He seemed very nice, and I hope to see him again.  Yay for neighbors.


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  1. caedwin

    What a great neighbor! Did you get his name?

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