Secret Halloween Project…

I’ve  been teasing you all for weeks now, saying I had a project to post, but wouldn’t tell you what it was.  Well, it’s finished now, and I’m ready to reveal.

Drum roll please….


Son is going Trick or Treating for the first time in his life this year, and to celebrate I made him a Trick or Treat bag.  I made two because we were invited to make the rounds with a  friends, and they have a young son, too.  I thought the bag would be a perfect Thank You sort of gift.  So how did I do it?

Well, if you read this blog regularly, and have a decent memory, you’ll remember that I went to the fabric store a few weeks back for costume supplies, ect.  I was also getting fabric for these bags.  I wanted something that said Halloween, without being overly kiddish, or spooky.  I figured there may be a time when we’d need the bag for a “fall fest” instead of going door to door, and things like goblins and witches tend to be frowned upon there.  At the same time, I did want there to be just a bit of unexpected fun, and that’s why I lined the bags in spiderweb fabric.  The rest of the bag was made with canvas and a bit of solid orange cotton.  I wanted the whole thing to be machine washable – little kids have grubby hands.

First, I searched online for the perfect pumpkin.  After I printed it out, I cut out four of them in the orange fabric.  Why four?  Well, I wanted there to be clean edge to the pumpkins, and if I sewed two together, I could flip them inside out so the sticthes were on the inside – like a pillow case.  This would ensure a clean edge.

Then, I cut out the body of the bags, in both the canvas and spiderweb-print cotton.  I then took the front canvas pieces, and pinned the pumpkins on.  After, I hand sewed the pumpkins onto the front piece with brown embroidery floss.  I don’t know why they call it floss.  Doing this first, meant I could hide/protect my pumpkin stitches with the lining of the bag.

After I got the pumpkins all attached, I put the bags together in reverse, and stitched them together on my sewing machine.  Then, I flipped them out the same as I did the pumpkins.  The only thing left was the strap.

To make the strap, I took some old tow-strap that we couldn’t use for towing anymore, and wrapped it in canvas, stitched it up, and hand stitched it onto the bags.

Sure, the bags aren’t as large as the pillow cases we used when I was a kid, but they’re more savable than those plastic buckets kids are using now, and they didn’t cost me much to make.

Son can’t wait to use his!


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