What Are You Going to Be?

Halloween is in a week.  Well, a week and two days.  Just the same, I think I have to dress up, but I’m not sure how much, or what to be.  I will be taking Son trick or treating with a friend, and her son.  Halloween is BIG at there house, and Husband is ridiculously excited to dress up as a zombie and scare little kids.  Me?  Not so much.  I’m more of the “if I’m going to dress up, I want to look nice still” kind of person.  So my question is what are you going to be?  Since Son is going to be a robot, I thought of dressing as a scientist, and taking his “remote control,” but I’m probably going to get stuck carrying the candy bag, and to carry a 5 lb remote control would just be torture.  So please, post what you will be.  I’m dying to know.


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