Believe it or not, I managed to get some organizing done yesterday.  I’m so proud of myself.  Even more so, is how proud and happy all the thrift store shoppers should be with all the things I’m donating!  Here’s the whole story…


I started with this..


I know, it’s  awful.  What’s worse is that half of my clothes aren’t even in there yet.  I had done laundry, and figured there was no point to putting things away just to pull them back out again.  Notice how shoes are just piled on the floor, and how crammed the hangers all are.  It was a mess.  I started by pulling out everything but dress pants and dresses.  I sorted everything into t-shirts, tanks, dress shirts, jackets, shorts, donate, and not-sure.  I moved all the seasonal skirts and dresses to the to back right, and then placed all other dresses in front of those, ordering them from least needed to most needed.  Then I placed all my dress pants on the rack.  I placed all my shorts to the far left of the closet, and my tanks next.  I then placed my two flannel shirts in front of those, then jeans, ordered scrubby jeans to nice jeans.  Then I got stuck.  No, not literally.  I still had t-shirts, dress shirts, and jackets.  I places the t-shirts next to the jeans, and then the dress shirts between them and my dress pants.  I liked the symmetry of the pants flanking the shirts, but what to do about the jackets?  I decided to place the jackets between the dress pants and dresses.  This way I can keep my symmetry, and keep the jackets from getting lost in the dress shirts.  Now that the clothes were done, I had to tackle the shoes.

Why are shoes so hard to get rid of?  I have shoes from high school still, and I haven’t worn them sense.  I finally plucked up the courage to part ways with the pairs I will never wear again, either because I have personally outgrown them, or have simply found something better to replace them with.  I placed all the out-of-season shoes in the back, the evening shoes next to those, and then shoes I can wear to work.  Sneakers went on the floor.

Now that I had all my things sorted and re-closeted, it was time to finally face those piles of not-sures.  Of all the items I placed into that pile, I kept only one pair of shoes, and one shirt.  My closet now looks like this..

And my bed looked like this..


In the end, I’m donating 8 pairs of shoes, two belts, two bags, two dresses – one never even worn before, one jacket, two pairs of dress pants, and stacks of tops.  I put them all into a large trash bag.  I think I will wait to actually take them to the drop-off until I organize my dresser drawers.  Maybe that should be next on the list.


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  1. namhenderson

    You know, consistently every time I see images of your house I am impressed with the interior decoration/aesthetic.

    Especially, since I assume you did all/most of it yourself.

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