Finally Home…

Feels like I’ve been gone forever, and it feels great to be home.  If ever you feel discontent in your home, just leave for a less comfortable place for a few days; I promise your contentedness will return.

So I didn’t get through nearly as much stuff as I was hoping.  No, instead, I spent most of my time just rearranging stuff.  Yes, we did start burning paper trash on Saturday, but the sheer amount became so overwhelming, that we elected to rent a dumpster instead.  After that decision, we sort of stopped until we can get the dumpster.  But I did make some interesting finds.

First, I found a load of “Black Glass,” which looks like this…

Obviously, I didn’t take the time to stage this photo shoot, but the stuff I found was filthy, after being buried in the dirt for decades.  But it did still look similar to those above.  I’ve already put my name in for them when the owner dies.

The other cool thing I found was a bucketful of cars and trucks.  These had to have been Husband’s when he was child, and as such, we have passed them down to our son.  They are also filthy, but since they are boy toys, I’m not going to bother cleaning them up.

We return in two weeks to continue with the “dig.”  I’m sure to find even more, and will take more photos.  Hope everyone else had as productive a weekend as I did!


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