Day One Complete…

And I feel like I’ve hardly made a dent.  I tossed a bunch of trash – sorry, nothing green about this, and sorted a bunch of parts, tools, and never used baby items, but everything was from the recent past.  Everything except one.  I found Husband’s baby book.  I didn’t even know he had one.  Remember how I said going through these sheds could give clues to his past?  Well, this is something I am quite glad was hidden.  If I had known he was an ALMOST TEN POUND BABY while I was pregnant, I would’ve cried.  Really.

I’m going back today, and will open a new shed.  It’s further back on the property, and presumably further back in time.  should be fun.  I’ll keep you posted.  I brought my camera just in case!


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  1. namhenderson

    I myself was a 9-10 lb baby as well.

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